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Aquabion 15mm (1/2") Water Conditioner (S15)

Aquabion 15mm (1/2") Water Conditioner (S15)
Aquabion 15mm (1/2") Water Conditioner (S15)

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Aquabion 15mm (1/2") Water Conditioner (S15)

Model Number: S15
The S15 Water Conditioner is suitable for smaller properties - see below for details.

5 year manufacturer's warranty.

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Categories: Water Conditioners
Manufacturer: Aquabion
  • Description

If you live in an area with hard water, you may already have been hit with some costly repair bills due to limescale build-up. Over time this accumulation can damage your home's plumbing by clogging pipes and boiler heat exchangers, resulting in decreased water pressure, all of which wastes energy and increases your monthly bills.

The S15 uses a galvanic electrolytic solution along with Aquabion's proven, patented technology, wherein a zinc sacrificial anode discharges minute quantities of zinc ions, which then react with the calcium present in hard water to form Aragonite – a non-adhering crystal. The mineral produced simply gets washed away with the rest of the water, giving you up to a 80% reduction in limescale formation.

The Proven Limescale Solution for Your Home:

  • Superior limescale protection.
  • Salt-free.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Functions for up to 7 years.
  • WRAS approved for drinking water.
  • Easy installation.

The Aquabion S15 Water Conditioner is a high-performance water conditioning system. The product doesn’t use any salt, so you can get away from the harsh side-effects, both for you and the environment, of generic water softeners. The S15 is for smaller properties such as flats and small homes. If you need the same protection for a larger property, check out the Aquabion S20 Water Conditioner.

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