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Aquabion 20mm (3/4") Water Conditioner (S20)

Aquabion 20mm (3/4") Water Conditioner (S20)
Aquabion 20mm (3/4") Water Conditioner (S20)

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Aquabion 20mm (3/4") Water Conditioner (S20)

Model Number: S20
The S20 Water Conditioner is suitable for larger properties - see below for details.

5 year manufacturer's warranty.

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Categories: Water Conditioners
Manufacturer: Aquabion
  • Description

The Aquabion S20 Water Conditioner is a first-line defence against limescale that can be fitted directly into an incoming water supply by your plumber within 30 minutes. It helps reduce limescale build-up in pipework, boilers, washing machines and other kitchen appliances. The S20 Aquabion chemical-free water conditioner uses the galvanic principle that works by using a sacrificial zinc anode and nothing else.

The small amount of zinc ions released by the unit reacts with the minerals in the water to form aragonite, a non-aggressive and non-adhering calcium carbonate crystal that typically gets washed away with the water.

The Market Leader Throughout Europe:

  • Advanced German design and engineering.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Cost-effective water treatment.
  • Proven safe to use, even for making baby food.
  • Requires no electricity or chemicals.
  • Simple inline installation into the mains water pipe.
  • Works for up to 7 years.

Step away from traditional salt-based water softeners with the Aquabion salt-free water conditioner. Healthy mineral content in the treated water is not affected, so you can have limescale protection without the harsh salts.

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